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What is more suitable for winter long hair or short hair, more in winter? Now popular girls clip in human hair extensions, the length of hair still maintain a half of the effect, if you change your hairstyle, you will choose which one? The most popular 16 fashionable hairstyle to share, which one did not cut this winter?No matter what you look like, beautiful or ordinary, young or old, as long as the careful cultivation, can do a noble and elegant temperament of a woman.In fact, girls can be a little more relaxed. Cut off the clip in human hair extensions, is to cut care.Short hair is too difficult to manage too difficult to take care of, and a length to lob head clavicle position, tenderness is just good!Using the curled hair design the long hair, clip in human hair extensions messy hair collocation cover eyebrow Qi Liu, modern sense, the golden color publicity seems energetic. GirlThis hair style really cool, 37 bangs perfect repair Yan, fluffy hair very sense of design, very suitable to take a neutral wind girl oh.It is a fresh and sweet girl in the short hair, perm air bangs collocation, this fresh simple style is also very charm Oh, golden brown hair color also let the girl look more fashionable.Oval known as the Oriental women’s standard with its symmetrical lines and elegant contours of the face, has been well received by the public’s favorite, but only a good face is not enough, not a good hair collocation that will only waste the resources, let’s look at today’s 9 for the election of the oval clip in human hair extensions, will be able to make your sultry index doubled oh.high forehead long face girls might cut bangs, bangs can pull on the vision of short face, the short hair and tail hair slightly tilted, and collocation of casual bangs, particularly lovely, small and cute.Style 3 in this simple clip in human hair extensions straight hair style is very suitable for girls in a long face, long bangs close to the other side of the face side scattered, ear exposed woman delicate face, black natural hair color, highlights the texture, with long hair is a little messy tail sticking out, show the charm.